Smooth rides make for boring stories. (lillbet) wrote in snaffle_icons,
Smooth rides make for boring stories.

Boy is my face red.

Okay, this is fairly epic and ridiculous- my computer caught a bad case of Antivirus 2009 spyware. That's not the bad news. The bad news is that I have Comcast and they changed their antivirus program from McAfee to Norton. And last night, while I was SUPPOSED to be packing for Sundance, I was making icons and when I went to upload them I found out that Norton hates Photobucket. Hates it like Madonna hates carbs.

So... yeah.

I'm leaving for Sundance tonight, but will be back on the 31st and plan to figure out some way around this mess at that point. Apologies. I realize that for a new comm this is a pretty weak start, but you know shit happens, right? You've heard that one before, right?

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